The Eurybia Collection

Holding mastery over the oceans and their treasures, the Goddess Eurybia inspired this collection, which is formulated to fight the many causes of dull skin - from environmental pollutants to dry skin and depleted dermal collagen. Marine botanicals synergize with other potent ingredients to plump, hydrate, and brighten skin to reduce the signs of aging. We want to make you shine!

Louloudi Means Flower in Greek


Louloudi is a plant derived, sustainable, luxury skincare line formulated to enhance and nourish the skin.  Inspired by the knowledge of the past & the healing power of plants, Louloudi merges the advancements of science with pure, potent and active botanicals. 

Our Sustainability Promise

Remedies with Pedigree

Our Philosophy is Simple

Couple pure, potent, botanicals and superfoods with cutting-edge skin care science for maximum results - effective skin care for all skin types

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Meet our Founder & Formulator

Hi! I my name is CanDace

H! My name is CanDace, and I am the founder and formulator behind Louloudi Skincare LLC.  I launched Louloudi to celebrate one of my truest passions - clean, naturally-derived, sustainable, skincare that actually works.   I insist on delivering the most luxurious, effective, self care experience to bring the spa experience home.

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Key Benefits

Stimulate Collagen Production 

Maximize Hydration

Plump & Tighten Tired Skin

Brighten & Decongest Pores

Strengthen Skin Barrier

Protect Against Free Radicals and UV Damage

How we fight the signs of aging

Strip dirt, not moisture

Nourish the body

Cold Processes & 100% Organic

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