Selenite Round 5" Charging Plates

Selenite Round 5" Charging Plates
Selenite Round 5" Charging Plates
Selenite Round 5" Charging Plates
Selenite Round 5" Charging Plates
Selenite Round 5" Charging Plates

Selenite Round 5" Charging Plates

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This powerful crystal delivers the divine energy of white light, making this an excellent crystal to cleanse everything!  This is a great stone for anyone who has a collection of crystals or has started to collect a few mystical objects an is looking for an easy place to charge and clean their collection.  

More Information

  • They are also fascinating décor pieces. Backlight them for a really cool effect!
  • Ethically sourced from Morocco
  • To cleanse your crystals:  Gently place them on a selenite plate for at least 6 hours.
  • Fragile: Do not wash or get your selenite plate wet as it will dissolve like sugar. They are also delicate.  Do not drop them or they will certainly break.
  • Measurements: 5" diameter x 3/4" thick
  • Made in Morocco

Learn how to use our charging plate below

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The word Selene means Moon in Greek, and just like the moon the Selenite is an exceptional storer or high vibrational energy.  Unlike quartz which has a harder denser structure, Selenite is a very fragile, soft stone but don't let the composition fool you it is an incredibly powerful crystal.  

Selenite easily delivers the divine energy of purified white light, which holds all of the colors on the light spectrum.   This stone works to balance and raise the energy clearing a pathway for a greater more attuned connection to the energy field.  

It has so much energy, it should be considered more of a conductor, like a high voltage outlet you can plug into.  

There are so many ways to use this charging plate and Selenite in general! 


  • Recharge your skincare!

    Step 1: Place your skincare on the charging plate

    Step 2: Set your intentions: Use a moment of silence to decide what exactly you want from this exercise.  Is it clearer skin?  Less acne?  Slower aging?  Mentally focus on the objective and send it to the skincare on the charging plate. 

    Step 3: While using your skincare, use the imagination to visualize your results.  Get very specific in your mind, and feel into the exercise.  How does it feel to look younger?  How does it feel to have clearer skin?  The emotion helps bring the energy in.


  • Use this crystal to help balance energy, remove blocks, and align your chakras
  • Clear and charge your auric field to help raise your vibrations
  • Because of selenite's connection to the moon, this crystal is thought to help work on your emotional center (your sacral chakra), and to assist in connecting the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, and the third eye
  • Use selenite to clear the connection to the energy field
  • Selenite can act like an antenna, helping you better connect to and to sense spirit 
  • Cleanse and clear negative energy
  • Prop or mount it up and use it to blast or throw a lot of energy in one direction.  You can have it face doorways to cleanse everyone before they enter the home or place them across from mirrors to greatly amplify and disperse the energy in a space.   
  • Place it next to you for a powerful meditation.  Selenite can act as an antenna or bridge to the spirit realm, use it to connect to angels, guides and ancestors.  It amplifies a high vibrational energy making the channel clearer. 
  • Use it in healing work, if you are working on shadow work and/ or energy blocks, selenite can act as a guide and helper, allowing you to more easily move the energy.
  • Use it as a charging plate for worn objects that should be cleansed often like jewelry, eye glasses and more. 
  • Clear and recharge your favorite spiritual tools, such as tarot cards, pendants and photos.

    Loo-lu-di: Noun/ Flower/ Bloom 


    Hi, we are Loo-lu-di, and we believe in the magic of nature. Our mission is to nurture the skin and the soul.

    We each were born with our mission intact, and like a beautiful flower, with the right environment, we each have the divine right to flourish and grow to our fullest potential. We believe that every person has a unique gift to share with the world, and it is our honor to help you uncover yours.

    We are in a divine collaboration with mother nature, to bring you the best she has to offer. Which is why our products are an incredibly unique blend of herbology, chemistry and reiki - because we use all of the experience of the cosmos to bring you an assortment of sacred objects.

    Our sourcing, growing and formulating practices ensure that we use only the purest forms of superfoods in our skincare line-up - so you can feel confident that you're taking care of your body AND your soul.

    Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey!

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    When our energy field becomes compromised by entangling with energy that is not ours, or by leaking energy, it becomes easier for things to “attach to us” and we become more susceptible to illness, exhaustion, depression, anxiety and more.
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