Energy Clearing & Business Boost Reiki Session

Energy Clearing & Business Boost Reiki Session

Energy Clearing & Business Boost Reiki Session

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This is a unique program tailored to small businesses.  Being a business owner is such a personal enterprise. Each stage of growth and each season of setbacks can often feel so personal. Guess what?  It is!  Your business is absolutely a part of you and together, the opportunities and challenges in your business are important catalysts for both your personal life and career.  We like to think of your space, your team, and your purpose taking on a life of their own, with their own energies and their own power.  And just like your energy, this energy needs to monitored and maintained. These sessions are crafted with your unique business in mind and are meant to be an expression of you, your employees, and your business/spiritual goals, even if it's just an afternoon of fun!

Some ideas for sessions might include: 

  • Space clearing to remove stagnant energy and bring the energy of abundance
  • Team building healing sessions to improve the communication of your team and allow more ease at work.  
  • Reiki healing sessions which strengthen your lower three chakras, and help you better move your manifestations!

Pick a time above for a session.   

Hi I’m CanDace, the founder and formulator behind Louloudi Skincare. My vision is to turn your everyday beauty routine into something more ceremonial, where you awaken the divine feminine that’s alive in you, and foster a lifestyle of healing both inside and out.  



"I believe that when we forget to love ourselves, we fall out of balance.  How we nurture ourselves, in our waking life, is directly tied to how we feel both emotionally and physically.  At Louloudi Skincare, my hope is to inspire a moment of reflection, a brief interval where you can exalt in yourself and our connection to the healing power of plants. "

Inspired by my love of skincare, science, spirituality, and mind-body wellness, I have developed a collection of everyday essentials and more targeted products for specific challenges to aid you on your healing journey.


CanDace is a level 2 certified Reiki Master with a certificate in all-natural formulations from The School of Natural Skincare and is persuing a certificate from Cornell University for medicinal plant healing.   

1. Do I have to take my clothng off?

No, but please wear comfortable loose clothing to aid in your relaxation.

2. What should I expect during a first session?

The first 15 minutes are to discuss why you are considering Reiki

The remainng 45 minutes you lay down on a massage table and relax.

3. What can I expect to feel during a Reiki Session?

Relaxed, Introspective and there can be emotional release.

4. Is there anyone who should avoid Reiki?

Yes! Individuals with Pace Makers should avoid Reiki

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