The power of rose quartz

Quartz means ice in Greek, and in the crystal world can thought of as the great looking glass.   Like rose colored glasses, rose quartz allows you to experience a beautiful view.  Pink quartz represents a youthful, gentle, vibrant reflection of unconditional love, which is the heartbeat of the world.  Because the essence of love is the language of the Universe, each chakra can benefit from rose quartz.  

By simply touching or gazing at the rose quartz can help you hold better focus during meditations.  It has a soft gentle energy that almost holds the focus for you.  

Rose Quartz offers greater perspective on niversal unconditional love.  

Use Rose Quartz to get to the center of each chakra, great for unblocking trauma, and gently clearing energy from the inside out. 

How to Use Rose Quartz

A great stone to have around to settle arguments, especially relationships.  

This stone can really benefit you if kept in the bedroom, to bring in more love, the closet or vanity, to encourage more beauty and the family or common room to invite in more bonding, or loving communication.  

Meditate with the stone to help you easily find your center. 

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