The Power of Clear/Milky Quartz

Milky quartz is known for its opacity and murky haze. This stone is said to clear the muddy waters of life.  Clear quartz is said to hold the wisdom of the universe and can be used to see a better reflection of whatever you seek.  

Together, they forge a powerful combination of clearing, charging and restoring energy, offering up a higher vibration, which can encourage a more powerful reality.  This combination can cleanse and inspire wisdom.  

Quartz is the most popular crystal among healers, and the most abundant source of gemstones on the planet.  In ancient Japan, it was referred to as the breath of the dragon, full of ancient wisdom and mystical qualities. Clear crystals are used in our cell phones and other electrical sources because it has the ability to send, store, and receive energy.  Not only does it store energy, but because of its molecular shape it transfers energy without any disturbance in the wave pattern.  Meaning it communicates in energy that is undistorted.   

How to use Our Clear/Milky Quartz Crystal 

A great stone to use when you are looking to find better solutions to problems, the stone can reflect a brighter perspective

Place it in a place where you consume media to help absorb and balance the negative energies. 

Use in meditation to keep a clearer head and limit distractions. 

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