Meet the Divine Goddess Eurybia

  • Daughter of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Potus (Father Water) 
  • Grandmother to the winds and planets
  • She determined the calmness or volatility of the waves based on being able to manipulate both the wind and the stars

We consider the Goddess Eurybia more of a force than a being. She is the flow, born from Father Water and Mother Earth, she merges the two powers that make up our earth.  Without either we wouldn't be.  Older than Titus, Neptune and the like, she is the OG Greek Goddess.  

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Grab the storm by the b*ll's 

Eurybia also gives us a gentle reminder that the pushing and pulling of the stars and planets encourage us to go with the flow, following the rhythms of nature.    When you learn to move with the current of life, instead of forcing resistance, you begin to realize you were in control all along. 

The power of Eurybia lies in all of us.  She asks you to honor her by slowing down and learning to enjoy all of the pleasures life has to offer.

The Eurybia Collection Sample Kit
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