The Eurybia Collection 

All Natural.  Sustainable.  Luxury Skincare.  For ALL skin types

Inspired by the goddess Eurybia we use a potent blend of marine ingredients to naturally tighten and brighten the skin. 

Decongest Pores using AHA's and Raw Honey

Stimulate Collagen repair and increase elasticity  with red algae & snail mucin
Neutralize free radicals with antioxidant rich chlorella and green tea
Repair & protect the skin barrier with algae oil 
Protect and replenish the microbiome with probiotics

We want to make you GLOW

Meet our 4-step treatment for Radiant Glowing Skin

Cleanse & Circulate

Massaging Facial bar

  • Potent trio of spirulina, bladderwrack, and giant sea kelp delivers antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for cleansed, nourished, vibrant skin
  • Luscious blend of oils and butters leave the skin feeling hydrated and clean
  • 100% Vegan, organic and no palm oil
  • Potent trio of spirulina, bladderwrack, and giant sea kelp delivers antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for cleansed, nourished, vibrant skin
  • Exfoliate & Decongest

    AHAA AHA Algae Treatment

  • Dead Sea Clay and mud absorb excess oils
  • Raw honey acts a humectant to moisturize the skin
  • Turmeric can ease redness and inflammation
  • Lightweight Squalene moisturizes the skin without weighing it down
  • A once per week treatment with results that last all week
  • A tingling and refreshing experience that is gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Tighten & Brighten 

    Probiotic & Pepetide Serum Mist

  • Incredibly lightweight formula that works for all skin types
  • Coconut water naturally hydrates the skin. Never lose hydration!
  • Large and small peptides immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with
  • This serum delivers a serious boost of antioxidants
  • Seal & Replenish

    Radiant Defense Moisturizing Gel

  • Speed up repair with sustainably harvested snail mucin
  • All-day hydration with Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid
  • Reduce inflammation and retain moisture with Reishi mushroom
  • Get your daily skin dose of antioxidants with Passion Flower
  • Reduce the appearance of Fine Lines and wrinkles with Red Algae
  • The Eurybia Collection Sample Kit

    The Eurybia Collection Sample Kit offers a luxurious, try-before-you-buy-full-size experience in your fight against dull skin.   Whether you can't commit, need a gift for a friend, or want reliable, convenient skincare when you travel (someday...sigh), this kit does it all!  Generously sized and resealable, it contains more than a week's worth of each handmade, sustainably sourced product, making this kit an incredible value!

    What our customers say

    Save BIG when you buy the Eurybia Experience

    The entire set for $130

     The Eurybia Experience offers a luxurious, effective, experience in your fight against dull skin. Powered by the most potent skincare ingredients found in the world's oceans and seas, this 4-step ritual was formulated to cleanse, detoxify, tighten, brighten, nourish, and protect the skin.  The end result is more even, supple, and noticeably radiant skin, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.