Learn More about our Palo Santo Incense Sticks


We use a blend of Pink, Red Alaea and Dead Sea Salt because salt is the ultimate cleanser, and is used to purify the body and sacred spaces.  

Activated black charcoal acts as a detox, pulling out negative energy 

Myrrh clears negative energy and heals on an emotional level

Dragons Blood is a potent protection ingredient

Sandalwood brings in the energy of the divine.  

A blend of ground ginger, lavender, rosemary, and rose sprinkled with dried rose and lavender buds. Reiki charged with the energy of Unconditional Love.

Lavender represents serenity, grace and purity, cleansing the mind and bringing in a sense of calm 

Rosemary is a symbol of love and was used during weddings in ancient times brings the energy of faith, love and beauty

Ginger adds heat, spice raising passion which is why it is great for relationships and a quickening energy to speed up any energy.

Roses, a connection to the planet Venus, roses represent all that we find beautiful in the world.

A blend of ground frankincense, copal, blue lotus, myrrh, pressed with flecks of garden grown sage around an ethically-sources Palo Santo smudge stick. Reiki-charged with the energy of the cosmos.

Frankincense: known for its use in religious ceremonies frankincense attracts higher spiritual energies to surround you.

Copal removes emotional blocks and uplifts the energies surrounding you.

Blue Lotus is the symbol of the perfection of wisdom and signals purity and rebirth. 

Sage known throughout the ages to clear negative energy and used by our ancestors to burn before inviting spirits into a space.  

Myrrh used to keep the negative energy at bay while communing with spirit. 

Each combination is handmade, Reiki blessed, and set with intentions.

How to use: 

 Rest it on top of a smoldering charcoal disk to clear the air before or during your ceremonies.    

The handle makes it easy to move around the room while lit, and when used with a charcoal disc, allows for a slower burn.  This incense stick will last you through at least 3 burns.

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