Charge up your skincare and boost your results? Yes!

We are flying a little bit higher compared to your other skincare brands and are here to share a little spiritual secret,  and with a little bit of belief and a lot of intention you have the power to transform yourself and embody the energy of beauty inside and out.  

Step 1: Place your skincare on the charging plate

Step 2: Set your intentions: Use a moment of silence to decide what exactly you want from this exercise.  Is it clearer skin?  Less acne?  Slower aging?  Mentally focus on the objective and send it to the skincare on the charging plate. 

Step 3: While using your skincare, use the imagination to visualize your results.  Get very specific in your mind, and feel into the exercise.  How does it feel to look younger?  How does it feel to have clearer skin?  The emotion helps bring the energy in.  

Try this exercise for a month to see results!

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