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Spiritual beauty tools to satisfy your soul.  We use ethically-sourced products that are handcrafted to charge up your home and raise your vibrations.  Charge your vanity tables and skincare rituals or add to the serenity of your meditation ceremonies.

Beauty is an energy

For too long we've been told what is beautiful, who has it, who should promote it, and who gets to celebrate it. Trying to fit into these narrow constructs can take a toll on our mental health. Just like the body scars from physical injury, a lack of self-love can cause spiritual damage.

When we quiet the noise and look inside, we find that beauty is something that we carry in each of us. It's a divine birthright, not a measuring stick applied by outside forces.

Palo Santo Incense Lollipops

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Palo Incense Lollipops

Palo Incense Lollipops

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Take your cleansing and meditation rituals to a whole new level with our Palo Santo Incense Lollipops. We developed  unique blends of incense based on your desired effect, and formed them around sticks of palo santo, known for its heady aroma and sacred cleansing powers. 

  • Each combination is handmade, reiki blessed, and set with intentions.  Rest it on top of an smoldering charcoal disk to clear the air before or during your ceremonies.    
  • The handle makes it easy to move around the room while lit, and when used with a charcoal disc, allows for a slower burn.  This incense stick will last you through at least 4 burns.  

Choose your path: 

Purify & Cleanse

Perfect for cleansing sacred spaces and the aura,  removing cords, attachments, and trauma.  An amazing tool for empaths, lightworkers, and the spiritually connected.  

Self-Love/ Beauty:

All you need is Love and self-love comes first.  It's got to start on the inside before you can shine your light outward.

Third-Eye Connect:

Your new meditation companion.  This is a ritual-based incense made to connect you to the astral and strengthen your third-eye visions.



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Palo Incense Lollipops
Palo Incense Lollipops
Palo Incense Lollipops
Palo Incense Lollipops
Palo Incense Lollipops
Palo Incense Lollipops

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