Hand & Body Soaps

Made with 7 nourishing oils and butters, our cold-processed soap bars leave you refreshed & keep your skin hydrated

The History of Soap

The process of making soap dates back to as early as 2800 BC.  Roman legend states that women begin washing their clothes in the banks of the Tiber River, which coincidentally was just downstream from their ceremonial altars on Mount Sapo.   Because of the location, two convenient ingredients, animals fats and ash,  combined to create a solution that made their clothing much cleaner (especially on rainy days).  After the fall of the Roman empire, soap didn’t reemerge until the 7th century in Italy and Spain.  Current laws state the only true soap is made from Lye and Fats. This is the process we undertake at Louloudi.  Using all natural ingredients, rich fats like Avocado Butter, Sweet Almond oil and coconut oil, we create a rich bar scented with essential oils and colored with all natural ingredients, such as charcoal, beet root powder and spirulina that add nourishing qualities to the skin.  

Mulled Wine Soap

Mulled Wine Soap

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Tart, rich, and spicy, with an all-natural Argentinian Red Wine and notes of cranberry, mandarin, and myrrh
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