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Err'thang Balm

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Our Err'thang Balm is our solution for, well.....everything!  It's a healing ointment designed for all skin types for everyday use.  Use this balm for slugging, makeup removal, cracked hands, feet, ankles, lips, cuticles, knees and elbows, baby butts, and more.

  • Mango butter encourages cell turnover and protects against UV damage
  • Hemp seed oil and shea butter help fight breakouts by calming acne-prone skin and regulating sebum production
  • Great for sensitive skin and for use all over the body
  • Applies thin for quick absorption and all-day protection


-Unscented Formula making it safe for all skin types.

-Stimulate cellular renewal with mango butter which is rich in Vitamin A.

Calm acne and redness with hemp seed oil, known to moderate oil production, and act as a powerful antiinflammatory agent

-A great natural alternative for slugging

- Use it to remove your waterproof makeup!

Hemp Seed Oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil

Apply to cracked/ dry skin. Safe to use on lips and sensitive areas. Use to slug the face on incredibly cold days. Use to remove water-proof makeup.

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  • 100% Organic
  • Leaping Bunny Certified! No Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, or Mineral Oil

We would say a resounding YES!

That's why algae is the star of the show in the Eurybia Collection. When we sought to formulate a collection of products to make you glow, we decided to go straight one of nature's best sources - the ocean. 

Countless types of algae are found in both fresh and salt water. It's fast growing, highly nutritious, and full of minerals, vitamins and ingredients to make you shine.  Unlike plants, which absorb all nutrients via the roots, algae absorbs nutrients from through it's whole structure, making it especially dense in ingredients your skin loves!


  • Rich in antioxidants, which neutralize unstable free radicals so they don't cause harm in the skin. 
  • Natural humectant, drawing moisture to the skin allowing it to look plump, radiant and dewy.  
  • Metabolites can fight against oxidative stress, which can allow for collagen repair  
  • Phycosaccharide has antimicrobial properties that can help prevent acne, reduce inflammation, and regulate sebum production
  • Skin-healing vitamins like B & C, which have been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Clears pores because it is rich in B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc

If you're ready to take the plunge and say goodbye to dull skin, slow the signs of aging, soothe, repair, or even skin tone and texture, then algae is a powerful tool in your arsenal, both topically and when ingested.   

The Eurybia Collection was inspired by the Goddess Eurybia, the master of the oceans and their treasures.  This collection features, Red Algae, Chlorella, Algae Oil, Algae Extract, Giant Sea Kelp, Bladderwrack and Spirulina. 

So yeah...we've got you covered  


Using our experience with herbology and chemistry we source the purest forms of super foods to develop clean, comprehensive skincare that works.  All of our products are tested for efficacy, stability and safety. 

Each product is sourced for Sustainability, Organic Quality and Ethical Work Environments. We use 100% Organic, Fair Trade every time.  

We don’t see sustainability as an option - it’s our only option. That’s why we donate a dollar from every purchase to plant a tree with One Tree Planted, an organization that shares our dream of a greener planet.


Loo-lu-di: Noun/ Flower/ Bloom 


We explore the breadth of Mother Nature’s healing modalities while paying homage to the science behind the magic with one goal, to nurture the skin and the soul.

The entire collection is formulated with a unique blend of herbology, chemistry and Reiki.   We source, grow and formulate the purest forms of superfoods to develop clean, comprehensive skincare that works.

All of our products are tested for efficacy, stability, and safety.

But nature’s gifts are finite,  and her balance fragile, and all but assured.  That’s why each product we sell is ethically sourced and crafted. All of our products are 100% organic, made using amazing plants, selected intentionally for a specific purpose. We make everything in small batches to minimize waste. All beautiful Louloudi bottles can be returned to us with our bottle recycling program or reused around the house in so many fun ways. 

We don’t see sustainability as an option - it’s our only option. That’s why we donate a dollar from every purchase to plant a tree with One Tree Planted, an organization that shares our dream of a greener planet.



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