Sagittarius Super Full Moon: Do you like what you see?

Sagittarius super full strawberry moon

On Tuesday at 7:59am EDT, there will be a full strawberry super moon moving through Sagittarius, headed toward hard-working Capricorn by the end of the morning tomorrow. Most of us will have started to feel this transition today!

Before I begin the weather of the week and how it affects you please remember, the reasons that storms take place are to give you greater opportunities to fortify yourself.  So no matter what happens this week, always remember the energy is moving with you or in spite of your resistance.  

This full moon is very special.  First, the full moon will be in bold, creative, care-free Sagittarius.  A Sagi is symbolized by a unique archetype.  Not a horse or a man, and yet both - he is a Centaur. a brazen and rare species, bounding on the scene, blazing your trail, encouraging you towards personal growth to better integrate with the Whole.  So how does your emotional center feel about this energy?  Sagittarius is setting your soul on fire,  inspiring change and action, expansion and spontaneity!   Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Your subconscious is stealing the show, your soul is trying to set itself free. Your best bet is to clear the resistance and let it flow. 


This moon is incredibly dynamic and speaking to us on many levels this week.

  1. It’s a supermoon, which means it’s closer to earth than usual, so its effects are stronger.  

  2. It’s the last full moon right before the Summer Equinox, in Gemini.  Gemini is all about multifaceted talents, communication, and handling major transitions in life. It’s also the transition between childhood and young adulthood and the bridge season between spring and summer.  This transition, paired with this moon - the universe is asking us to GROW UP!  The question you keep asking yourself - who do I want to be? 

  3. The farmers' almanac calls this moon the strawberry moon, the bloom moon and the egg moon.  It’s the season of the yummiest berries, the brightest flowers, and the cutest baby chicks.  Keep remembering it’s a season of natural abundance.

  4. It’s a time of purification, the Roman season of Vestalia, the goddess of hearth and home. One of the key aspects of celebrating Vestalia was cleaning the home to purify it and dressing it with flowers. It was a time of purifying oneself for the summer equinox.  The goddess Vesta, who was never seen in human form is represented by the flame in the center of the home. Together with fiery Sagittarius, they are burning away stagnant energy purifying us for the coming season.

It’s a powerful time, I challenge you to create new goals with Sagittarius.  And together just like a marksman, you can shoot, aim, and fire at your goals with confidence.  

Full moon in sagittarius

I want you to stop and think back to about a month ago - let's say May 19 - because whatever came up during that new moon cycle is what is now reaching its climax, and depending on how you handle it, how you use the energy of the moment, you can clear your karmic debt.

If you've cleared up the karmic energy and the reflection that you see during this full moon aligns with your heart then go with faith, knowing that you've made space in the universe for something more.  The key to this is releasing the parts that no longer serve you.  This will take bravery.  Now, if you feel like the reflection you see doesn’t align with the vision you want to see for yourself, go with gratitude, thankful for the motivation of change.  Either way you win.   

With the sun opposing the moon - friendly, social Gemini opposing Sagittarius this energy may feel like a square off between your ego and your subconscious.  Is your inner truth, the same as your outer truth.  Or are you hiding something beneath the surface?  

In astrology, the moon is just as important as the sun and they both serve important functions.

The sun is your personal beacon, and your sun sign is like your ego.  It’s your actions and motivations based on how you see yourself, and how you consciously behave based on that understanding. 

The moon, on the other hand, is your night time personality.  It’s your emotional connection.  In women, it’s connected to our spiritual womb, the divine feminine.  It's the beacon to your subconscious, to the deep soulful aspects of your life.  Think of the moon bringing up waves in your emotions like it does in the ocean, and what happens as a consequence?  The shore is cleared, making space for more, giving you another opportunity to decide who you want to be in this world.  

Every new moon is a time to set intentions (and you do this consciously and unconsciously) where you can manifest something, send out energy, and the new moon, like a magnet, can draw it in.  The Full Moon is a time for Clarity.  Think of the full moon as a giant mirror giving you an outside reflection, comparing the view of your inner reality- to what you SAY is your inner truth.  These transitions make excellent karma-clearing opportunities.  The full moon offers you the mirror, providing light as guidance, giving you the energy to push through to change directions if you want to shift your path. 

The current dramas in the sky are really getting ready to shake up, shift, clear, and resolve old stagnant energy.  Currently, there are FIVE planets in their original home sign, this is huge, and gives a good insight into why the energy in the world feels so shaken up! 

Now that the moon transition is better understood,  let’s take a look at the other major aspects of that day to further decipher the energy. 

The Universe is inviting you to step into yourself in a major way and each aspect listed below can give you a clue on how to best work with this energy to integrate the power of the astrological bodies into your summer manifestations.]

The Sun simultaneously squares off with Neptune:

Neptune rules dreams, illusions, inspirations and the spiritual plane. Its goal is to teach compassion, purifying through experience.  It seems like Neptune may also have some major questions for the ego.  Is your spiritual life in line with your reality?   What the moon may illuminate can bruise the ego, but only be in service to the soul.   Something is ready to come to light, ready to reveal more of yourself to you, and the question you need to ask yourself - do I like what I see?  All answers are right and give you a solid direction and a brighter path.  

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius: 

If you have been feeling rocked lately, like life has been a roller coaster you can’t get off of, then this moon is a great opportunity for you. If you are a fixed sign, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and/ or Aquarius you have TRULY been feeling this energy.  BUT never fret - it’s only for growth!

The Sun Trines Saturn while the Moon is Sextiling it:

Saturn is the ruler of time, life lessons, and loves to teach through structures and boundaries. With the sun illuminating Saturn while simultaneously in great standing with the Moon, we have support on both sides and the lessons we learn are ready to help us level up in a MAJOR way.

Mercury is coming out of Shadow on Monday, June 20th:

Communication will clear up and we will be ready to begin a new cycle.  We should all see far more clarity, and a bit of space to breathe, dust ourselves off, and start again.   

If you are ready to move the energy and if you are ready to harness the power of this forward motion of Sagittarius, then remember- things happen for you, not to you, and each moment gives you an opportunity for growth.  The more you embrace the wave and go with the flow, the less jarring the hit is.  

So what’s next?

Thank the Universe for jamming you up. Trust that it will always give you opportunities for growth. It slipped you up to wake you up and there's a level of gratitude that can come during a time of storms.

I hope this helps you handle the weather more gracefully.

I have included a full moon ritual bath to help you ground this energy and boldly embrace the incoming blessings 


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