6 ways to protect your energy

I Got Energy, Got a Lotta Energy

Look - the world right now is CRAZY. Absolutely bonkers.  Now add life on top of that: rude bosses, deadlines, toddler pickups, and political madness, and it's basically a miracle we all haven't gone completely insane.  One day it's outrage over something we saw on tv, the next it's based on an Instagram post. We have all these inputs trying to get us to use our energy to be outraged, shocked or dismayed because it's easier, more convenient, and more lucrative than eliciting reflection.  

Start thinking about all energy, but especially your energy as a resource, an asset, a physical store that is a part of you. Each day you only have so much and how you use it, who you give it to, and how you protect it all matter.  When you start to protect your energy as a precious resource,  you will start questioning where you use it, where you lose it, and if it's worth it or not.  

But that's not all you have to contend with. You're constantly exposed to other people's energy and can easily pick it up and carry it like it is yours.  When our energy field becomes compromised by entangling with energy that is not ours, or by leaking energy, it becomes easier for things to “attach to us” and we become more susceptible to illness, exhaustion, depression, anxiety and more. There are many ways our own trauma and others’ affect our energy field every day (Figure 3). When we preserve and protect our energy and cleanse our auras, we leave more space for clearer, better-intentioned emotions to come through.

Physical vs. Subtle Energy

Have you ever had an encounter that you couldn’t shake, even long after it happened, you carried the “feeling” around all day? That energy that you felt is an example of subtle energy. 

Sometimes called Qi, Chi, Mana, Hasini, or a dozen more names from every corner of the globe, subtle energy is the invisible energy that combined with physical energy, makes up our Universe.

Physical energy is the energy that you interact with using your five senses. Physical energy holds mass. It moves slower than the speed of light.  It has an electrical signature, meaning it can be measured, like an EEG measures electrical activity in the brain. Physical energy is “things”. You can see physical energy because it is slower than the speed of light, so your eyes and brain can interpret it.  

Subtle energy is invisible, and the opposite of physical energy.  It doesn’t follow the same rules as physical energy. It is immeasurable, having negative mass, and travels faster than the speed of light, like magnetic energy.  

Auric field and chakras
Image From MCEO Freedom Teachings​​

“One fundamental difference between matter and energy is that the former is visible and the latter is invisible (except for the visible part of light). The human body contains visible parts as well as invisible parts (such as energy and consciousness). Invisibility does not equate to non-existence. To try to understand the human body and the universe, ancient people divided them into two parts: being with form and being without form (the philosophical statements of visible and invisible things). This seems similar to the way that modern physics divides the universe into matter and dark matter.”


These energies are the building blocks of everything in the universe.  I believe that when we practice quieting our minds, we open up our 6th sense - awareness - so that we can better interpret the subtle energies that make up our world. We too, are of that energy, attached to that energy, and are a source of our own energy. You have your own gravitational field. Some might call it an energetic boundary or cloud of energy around us (Figure 1).  Some call it an aura.


This energetic system around your body is called the aura.  Auras have layers that translate subtle energy into physical energy through "channels" or "wheels" on the body called chakras(Figure 2).  As an energy healer, I believe the increased awareness gained through meditation is vital to protect your energy, and to balance and clear your auric systems and chakras. 

Types of Auras
Image from goldauraguru.tumblr.com​​

This auric system encompasses the entire body like an egg or cloud, with each layer translating subtle energies into emotions and physical experiences.  While we still need to discuss the complexity of our energy body, for now think of your auric system like you would an insect's antennae - sensory organs for the subtle energy world.  

Your auric system interacts with everyone else’s within a six-foot radius.  From the barista who took your coffee order to your crazy depressed boss at the job you hate, as you traverse your day, your energy is constantly mixing with everyone. This system of subtle energy, because it is a magnet, acts like double-sided tape.  That means each of these encounters can leave behind subtle debris or residue in your aura.  

Energy Transference
from pinterest​​

So we've covered why it's important to protect your energy. Now let's talk about HOW to protect your energy. Here are 6 techniques I've picked up over the years that will help you to protect your energy.  Simply setting the intention and recognizing that you are trying to preserve your energy to use as you choose forces you to take stock of your actions and mood throughout the day.  I try to do 1-3 of these exercises both morning and night.  

6 ways to clear & protect your energy

The first two cleansing rituals mentioned here came from Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe (both I and II). These are both incredibly easy to implement into your daily routine.  

1. Pyramid Of Light

This is my favorite exercise to protect my energy when I am around someone in a bad mood!  It's so easy to get swept up in another person's emotions, outrage, sadness, etc. This exercise allows you to acknowledge another person's feelings without taking ownership or responsibility for them.  The simple act of performing this exercise is acknowledging your energy and that you want to protect it.  It's like a mini-meditation that helps you keep your mood balanced.   

"It may look simple, but this cleansing technique is incredibly powerful for a few reasons. The Pyramid contains the spiral, the golden mean ratio, the triangle and the square. The pyramid contains the number of divinity, 3 (the 3 sides to each triangle) plus the number of mankind, 4 ( 4 sides of the square). It also represents the relationships between Source & humanity. In the elemental world it stands for fire, so think of it as burning or clearing away spiritual debris. This triangle also represents harmony and balance.

Special Note: Sacred Geometry are the shapes that make up our world. Using these shapes in your spiritual practice can really assist you in clearing and protecting your energy.   


Start by doing this exercise in meditation. 


Imagine yourself surrounded by a dazzlingly white pyramid, larger than your entire body. Use your imagination to float your body to the top third of the pyramid. While you float, let the pyramid spin clockwise around your body.  

With each inhale focus on the perfection of the spin.  Really visualize it with your mind's eye.  With each exhale focus on the speed of the spin - the faster the pyramid moves the cleaner your aura gets.   As the light bathes your body, know that it is clearing and protecting your energy.  You can stay in your pyramid all day long and with practice, you can easily perform this action anywhere to add an additional boost of protection.  

Pyramid of Light
Image from Chakra Finder​​

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2. Solar Plexus Breathing

According to Eastern Medicine, your solar plexus is your third chakra that rules your personal power and confidence.  Located in the area of your diaphragm, it's mantra is I CAN.

The practice of breathing into your diaphragm is so powerful, it's literally called Power Breathing and naturally increases the energy of the body. This action encourages full oxygen exchange, slows the heartbeat, and lowers stress and blood pressure.

This breathing technique will leave your body tingling and your energy feeling lighter, almost buoyant.  You'll feel it immediately.  

The Universe holds energy that we can access and harmonize with at any time. Tap into this unlimited resource to cleanse and protect your energy. Doing this exercise to clear and protect your energy also demonstrates the power of breath in establishing a feeling of control.

How It's Done

Imagine a bright, white light coming from the heavens down into the crown of your head. Simultaneously, allow light to flow up from the earth and enter into your root chakra.   

On your inhale, draw this light into your body, allowing it to meet in the diaphragm. On the exhale, push the white light out of the front and back of the diaphragm and have it pour into your aura cleansing everything the light touches.  

The larger you can make this light circle the better.  Practice imagining the white light that surrounds the bubble as getting thicker and thicker. Use your imagination to try and bounce something off of the shell to ensure that it is secure. 

Solar Plexus Breathing
Image from Chakra Finder​​
Solar Plexus Breathing
Image from Chakra Finder​​

Want more?  Download our Energy Protection Booklet!  It includes: 

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3. Conduct Spirit-to-Spirit Affirmation

I work as a Reiki healer, and I see clients that with a lot of emotional trauma. Working this closely with pain, it can "latch" on to you, which can bring me down if I'm not mindful.  To keep my vibrations high and to protect my energy, I perform spirit-to-spirit all the time!  This is a great exercise If you work in energy healing, or you feel like you may be more sensitive to other people's energy.

This is a 3-step technique to protect your energy from the shaman, energy healer, and author Cindi Dale.  Just about all of her books mention the Spirit-to-Spirit technique. 

You can say this affirmation out loud or in your head.  "I Affirm My Spirit. I Affirm Other Spirits. I Affirm the Highest Spirit."  I like to use the visualization in Figure 3 to protect my energy.  

This excerpt is from her Subtle Energy Book.  


Spirit can mean your consciousness, soul, spark, anything you want. Whatever is in you other than your bodily shell that makes you, you. You need to affirm that you are spirit.  This step creates an energetic boundary around you based on your recognition of being spirit.  


You can also use this to affirm the spirit of others such as friends, elements, and beings - anything other than yourself that is also conscious energy that can help you on your spiritual journey.  I usually turn this one into “I Affirm my Spirit Guides”.  See guide


This is your acknowledgment to the Higher Self, God/Goddess, Divine, the encompassing All, your connection to the Other. This step allows you to get out of the way so the clearing can happen above you.  

This exercise is important to me because it acts as a gentle reminder of my place in the Universe. Acknowledging your spirit is just another way to affirm your beliefs.  Adding the symbolism and flower of life exercise works as an engaging meditation to bring you back to the body.  


4. The Crystal Block

Solar Plexus Breathing

This idea was presented to me by my past life healer, Tracy Ventura, as an amazing way to protect your energy by blocking and absorbing energy using a  a crystal.  

This is a useful technique you can use when you work directly with lots of clients or customers.  Anyone having to communicate with the external world all day!   

Take the shade your coworker threw you and put it right in the crystal!  On the phone with an overly emotional client?  Give it to the crystal. 

Use a crystal as desktop decor or wear it either way you can ask it to shield you and absorb negative energy.  

How to Clean Your Crystals

There are a lot of ways to clear energy from your crystals, but we LOVE using selenite, another large and gorgeous crystal thought to remove disharmony.  Use selenite to charge your crystals and clear out energy your crystals have accumulated. 

There are so many ways to clean your crystals! Placing them on a selenite charging plate, use healing music such as chanting or singing bowls.  Some can be cleansed in water.  Smudging, the moon, the sun and reiki charging all clean crystals.

Sometimes called liquid light, this Selenite charging plate clears and charges crystals with its high vibrational structure.  

Do Crystals Work? 

To understand the power of crystals, you need to understand their molecular structure, density and perfect crystallized form they conduct, store, and transfer energy.

"Quartz crystal is one of the shapeliest and hardest crystals. It is commonly found around the world. Quartz is used in radios, computers, televisions and watches because of its conductive properties."


4b. Crystal Music

Crystal Music

I picked up this nifty technique to protect your energy from Earthbound Spirit Attachments -What you need to know right now  Presented by Alexis Brooks from Higher Journeys podcast and Barry Littleton.  

This technique uses crystals' molecular structure to your advantage by placing speakers near your crystals to allow the energy to transfer through the room.  

The theory behind this technique has to do with sound waves interacting with crystals, which conduct energy.  Sound is energy traveling, based on the idea that crystals are conductors of energy, we would assume that the sound waves will interact with the crystal. 

So think of taking the energy of music and amplifying it!  

We put our crystals on a pedestal

5. Smudging

Smudging is the act of using smoke to clear or move energy around. It can be done with palo santo, incense, sage and more - there are many types of smoke that can clear energy depending on your intent. 


Ignite your smudging tool of choice. Once you have established a heavy flow of smoke, run the smudging stick from the top of your head, circle the body clockwise going as far down the top of the body you can go.  Do each leg using both hands, then your arms. Try to cover the entire area around the body in smoke.

We love to use our handmade Palo Santo lollipops for our smudging ceremonies. These combine the mood-making power of incense with palo santo to clear energy and enhance the mood.  

6. Salt Baths/ Showers

Salt is an effective and abundant aural cleanser, and there are so many types of salt that can clear energy. Even basic table salt will work in a pinch!


Note: Whenever taking a salt bath, make sure to add at least three cups of salt to the water and soak for 45 minutes or longer. 

When your soak is done, it's important to imagine the water going down the drain as symbolic of the energetic debris leaving your body and aura.  Ask the Universe to protect your energy and clear any that does not belong to you. 

If you are using salt in the shower, make yourself a scrub!  Combine equal parts salt and oil of choice (coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil) add essential oils to take it up a notch, and gently scrub the body, imagining auric debris running down the drain as you cleanse.



Make our Stardust Spiritual Protection Spritz! 

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I hope you enjoyed these 6 ways to protect your energy. My goal here is for you to be able to conquer your day without the outside distraction of others' energy.  Your energy is precious. It deserves protection and you deserve the time and space it takes to get yourself back to the center.  I hope these methods help you remember who you are.  

Do you have any more energy restoring techniques you would recommend? 

Thanks for reading!

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