Meet the snail spa: How our snail mucin is collected

If you haven't been paying attention snail cream, aka mucin, is one of the hottest new ingredients in Korean and now American skincare.  It's also one of the potent ingredients used in our Radiant Defense Moisturizing Gel.  But what is it?  Is it real snails? Are they crushed into a goo?  The story of "snail slime" is a little more gentle and a lot more potent than you may believe.  

Mucin is a thick substance that snails secret that protects their very fragile skin from daily wear and tear, (learn more about what nutrients are in their magic mucilage here) this substance is RICH in nutrients that treat anti-aging.  This substance is naturally produced by snails, and while many producers use stress to allow for mucilage extraction we sought out the source to ensure the safety of the snail and the skin.  There are many reasons that snails extract their mucilage, to travel around, to prevent drying out and sun damage and for treating any wounds they may receive while living their lived, think of it like drool or sweat they also secrete more when they are stressed, happy, and mating.  


Which brings me to the Snail Spa, a patented magical dome that gently assists the snails in extracting their mucilage.  The Snail Spa was invented by our snail supplier, and took 9 years to make, the results are a gentle, cool steaming treatment that snails happen to enjoy. After receiving their spa bath they are then placed back in their organic garden home to enjoy their lives.   Learn more about our supplier below.