Massaging Facial Bar - A 3-in-1 Solution

It's like cleansing while doing Gua Sha!

We designed the Massaging Facial Bar to whisk you through your morning routine, while cleansing and massaging, without stripping away moisture. 
 Cleanse, Plump & Tighten 
So how should you use it?

Step 1.  Wet the soap bar:

2. Start with the flat side to cleanse the cheeks, forehead, temples and neck.

Tip: Always work in a circular motion 

3. Turn the soap over and use the curved side to get your contours, under your chin, your temples (especially to reduce stress). 

Pro Tip: Slowly massaging under the ears and down the neck can assist in stimulating your lymph nodes, which encourages the movement of the fluids throughout the body, which in turn helps remove waste from the body.  

Step 4: Lather to get a deeper cleanse (especially if you are taking off makeup)

Feel free to use this time to deepen your massage, we add Organic Silk to our Cold Processed Soaps to allow for great slip, meaning your hands will glide with ease.  

The benefits of facial massages

  • Increased circulation to the massaged area, which helps your body deliver more nutrients to your face.
  • It stimulates your fibroblasts to produce more collagen production.
  • Releases tension- I have been using it to soothe my terrible TMJ.