How to: Lymphatic Facial Massage

Lymphatic massage, Gua Sha, derma rolling - whatever you want to call it are all flavors of lymphatic massage.  Lymphatic massage is soooo good for you.  It allows for more efficient recovery from illness or infection and reduces scar formation, metabolic waste, fluid retention, and swelling.  

Follow our step by step guide to learn how to add this treatment to your skincare routine.  


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Step 1: Eyes

A. Brows - Swipe outward with fingertips 10x
B. Above Eye - Swipe outward with fingertips 10x
C. Under Eye - Gently swipe outward with fingertips 10x
D. Under Eye - Tap under the eyes with fingertips 10x


Step 2: Face

A. Forehead - Using the base of the fingertips, in a sweeping upward motions 10x
B. Cheekbone - Using the fingertips, drag down from the top sides of your nose, down under your cheek- bones and outward 10x



Step 3: Hairline/ Jawline

A. Side of forehead: use your finger tips to swipe up 10x
B. Jawline: use your fingertips to swipe down along the jawline 10x
C. Cheekbone - Tap the cheeks lightly 10x with fingertips

Step 4: Ears

A. Under Ear - Swipe under the ear and around to the back side to above the ear 10x
B. Ears - Gently pull the side of the ear 10x
C. Ears - Gently pull the ear lobe down 10x
D. Ears - Drag the side of your pointer finger down the side of the ear to the base of the neck

Step 5: Neck

A. Under the Jawline - Press your thumbs under 10x
B. Neckline - Using the side of your index finger, swipe up the center of your neck 10x
C. Neckline - Using the side of your index finger swipe down the sides of your neck 10x

Step 5: Collarbone

A. Above Collarbone - Swipe outward with your fingertips 10x.
B. Below Collarbone - Using your fingertips swipe outward 10x.