How Louloudi Skincare fights the signs of aging

In my last post, What makes you skin glow, naturally, I covered the key factors that are hindering your natural glow.  But how do you reclaim your power?  

With Louloudi Skincare, obviously!  We target the six symptoms of dull, aging skin to give you a comprehensive treatment that actually works.  

1. We fight against skin's genetic ("natural") decline over time 

We can't fight nature, but we can give your skin the extra assistance it needs to reduce further damage.  How?

By shedding dead skin cells to promote cell turnover

Our skin cells renew less frequently and effectively as we age, so we formulated our AHAA - AHA Algae Treatment to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells without damaging the skin to encourage cell turnover.  By using Alpha Hydroxy Acids (a combination glycolic, actic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids), the mask sloughs off dead skin to reveal newer cells. New skin = Instant Glow

By providing additional hydration and moisture 

You need both hydration and moisture to combat dull, dry skin.  This is why our formulations always start with water, nature's OG hydrator.  Add potent hydrators like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, you'll attract and retain hydration all day long.  

Oils and butters seal in your well-earned hydration.  We use algae oil, rosehip oil, mango butter, hemp seed oil and squalene to deliver nutrient-rich oils that lock in moisture and protect the skin.  

Helping to boost natural collagen production 

Naturally-occurring collagen is the key to plump and tight skin.  When we're young, our skin produces a lot of collagen, but as we age, genetics and environmental factors deplete natural collagen retention and creation.  By using a combination of marine ingredients (proven to prevent oxidation in cells) and flooding your skin in hydration we seek to effectively repair damaged collagen and prevent further loss.  Additionally Snail mucin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and peptides all stimulate your skin to retain and sometimes boost collagen production. 

Collagen is so important to supple, glowing skin, so you'll find these ingredients in our AHAA - AHA Algae Treatment, Probiotic and Peptide Serum Mist, and Radiant Defense Moisturizing Gel.


2. Our 4-step routine can limit the impact of your rockstar lifestyle

While we can't force you to wash your face every night, drink less alcohol and more water, or get your beauty sleep, we CAN provide a 4-step skincare routine to help you undo some of your bad habits.  Don't believe us?  Try our Eurybia Collection Sample Kit, which gives you a week's worth of products so you can find out what Louloudi can do for your glow.  You can save 30% off your Sample kit when you sign up for our newsletter. 


3. Antioxidants assist with reversing sun exposure damage and neutralize free radicals

Using antioxidants daily has been shown to neutralize free radicals from pollution and particulate matter, and to reduce blue light (the light beaming from your cell phone all day and night) and UV damage.  Our Probiotic Peptide Serum Mist is rich in green tea, giant sea kelp, chlorella, and alcohol-free witch hazel, all incredibly rich in antioxidants.