Don't feel like meditating? 3 different ways to raise your vibrations

Some days our brains just don't want to participate in facilitating a quiet mind.  Thoughts are buzzing and streaming  all about, and you just can't quiet yourself.  No worries, there are other ways to raise your vibrations, boost your mood and have a productive day without necessarily sitting in silence.  

Here are three ways to start your day when you can't meditate:

1. Dance like no one is watching

Did you know that dancing and music can relieve stress?  

Music is an integral function in our lives.  Have ever had an amazing chill down your back while listening to one of your favorite songs?  All musical notes connect to energy and can tune your vibrational energy.  So the next time you need to take a serious breather, turn on your favorite song and dance, it helps you release stagnant energy, raise your mood and move your energy around.  

2. Sync your brainwaves

Everything around us (including us) emits a frequency, from the plants, to the trees to the earth. These frequencies change when we sleep, laugh, cry, meditate and everything in between.  We can easily adjust and manipulate our frequencies when we listen to binaural beats.   When we sync our frequency to the planet we are at a more constant calm state and have the ability to release stress, sleep sounder, east anxiety and depression and even focus better.  Ever heard of binaural beats?  These are special tones that when can listened to in headphones (the right ear gets one tone, the left ear gets another together they create a frequency) we have the ability to better sync the left and right hemisphere of the brain and allow our brains to set itself into the state we choose.  There are several different frequencies you can listen to based on how you want your energy to transmit.  From sleep to focus, listening for just 15 minutes a day can give you the same benefits as meditating. 


3. Show gratitude

Studies have shown that simply listing three things a day that you are grateful for can make you happier.  The act of writing down what you are thankful for allows you to see life from a bigger picture, and remember that no matter what there is something to thank the Universe for (even if it's for the awesome cup of coffee you made for yourself that day).  Invest in a grateful journal, and take time each morning and night to stop and smell the roses.