How Clean is Too Clean? 3 signs your over-cleansing

Double cleansing seems to be all the rage right now.  The idea is that you can start your skincare routine with a two-step cleanse - an oil-based cleanser to remove sebum and oils, and a water-based cleanser to remove water-soluble particles, like dirt, sweat, and particulate matter.

But are you removing the good stuff that helps you keep your skin healthy?

In addition to natural oils and hydration that keep your skin in equilibrium, your skin's microbiome might be getting washed away. The organisms that live on the outside of your skin are part of your skin's first line of defense, and is unique to you.   Over-cleansing removes the good bacteria with the bad, and reduces your skin's ability to protect itself. 


3 signs you are over-cleaning your skin.

1. No matter how much you cleanse, your skin is still oily/acne prone. 

Over cleansing literally strips all the moisture from your skin.  When this happens, the skin reacts, by signaling that you need MORE sebum production, not less,  so you're prompting your body to respond in the worst way possible! 

2. Your skin feels overly dry

Next time you wash your face, prior to re-adding moisture, stay naked for a while and see how your skin feels.  Is it overly tight?  A bit itchy?  That usually means you took too much moisture away during cleansing.

Note: As sad as it is, you CAN have skin that is both too oily and not hydrated. It's actually not that uncommon. Ugh!  

3. You are developing rashes/ inflammation.

For some, over-cleansing can trigger inflammation because you are physically irritating the skin, and removing hydration and that precious equilibrium.

So when would it be wise to cleanse twice?

Unless you live in an overly polluted environment, or work in a scenario in which you are getting dust/ dirt/debris on your skin daily, the only time double cleansing is effective is when you are wearing makeup.  In this scenario, it might be prudent to do an oil cleanse first to loosen up makeup (especially water proof makeup) prior to your regular cleanse.

Don't get caught up in a skincare trend.  Consider your lifestyle prior to reaching for multiple cleansers - it could actually save your skin barrier. 



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