3 Reasons your skin is dry

During winter, dry skin seems unavoidable.  The bitter cold, the forced air heat, and the resulting lack of humidity all effectively strip moisture from the skin.  But there could be even more reasons why your skin is dry, some environmental, some behavioral.  Each cause has an easy remedy.  


1. You are not hydrating.  


You need to drink your 6-8 glasses (Yes you will be peeing every 5 minutes), but your skin is your biggest organ, and it is truly benefited by a good glass of water.  Seriously, it's that big a deal.


You need to focus on the three means of introducing and retaining moisture.

Humectants: Ingredients that are hydrophilic and when applied, naturally draw moisture to the skin

Look for hyaluronic acid in skin care products, like our Radiant Defense Moisturizing Gel, to provide a natural radiance to the skin.  Hyaluronic acid is the best, most potent natural moisturizer and has the ability to absorb 500 times it's weight in moisture.  What does that mean?  When added to skin care ingredients, it can draw much more moisture to your skin than it would naturally retain. 

Emollients:  Ingredients that seal in moisture

Emollients fill in fine lines and cracks and combine with the humectants to create a smooth, supple complexion.  We use squalene oil in our Radiant Defense Moisturizing Gel to assist with sealing in every ounce of moisture.   

Occlusives: Ingredients that form a barrier to protect the skin

These ingredients protect the skin from the environment, providing a barrier that locks in moisture.   The mango butter in our Radiant Defense Moisturizing Gel is an amazing, all-natural occlusive that will provide a healthy glow and the perfect barrier.  


2. You are stripping away too much moisture. 

Stay away from silicones and unnatural ingredients that strip away all of your natural oils.  Our cold-pressed, super fatted soaps utilize a luscious blend of oils and butters to provide maximal moisture while gently cleansing the skin without stripping away natural oils


3. You aren't protecting the skin when you sleep 

Get rid of the cotton pillow case.  Just.  Let.  It.  Go.  Swap your cotton pillow case with luxurious silk or satin.  Cotton is an absorptive natural fabric.  You toss, turn, flip, and flop in your sleep and your pillowcase soaks it up.  Make the switch.

Topically, you need to focus on ingredients that hydrate your skin.  This includes treatments that both protect the skin from the environment (can we say central heating?) and something that can do the work while you are asleep. You can also slap on more moisturizer than you do in the morning to let the product slowly absorb as you sleep without the risk of sliding off the toilet or making that bag of chips un-openable!